About us

LED lighting especially for aquariums.

JMB Aqua Light

About us

For some time we offer LED lighting for Aquariums, Terrariums, Palludariums, etc. We have LED lighting with SMD/RGB and Power LED's. The extensive range has been created by the wishes and feedback from the retailer and consumer. The most popular line is our renewed JMB Power LED V2.0. This line has been on the market for almost 10 years, started as V1.0, V1.1, V1.2, etc until it became the product it is today. This line has continuously adapted to the needs of the market. We are also currently working on a new type of lighting, about which we will tell more in a later stage. The demand for this upcoming new line has arisen from the already high demand from retailers. All lighting in our range is dimmable for a beautiful sunrise, sunset and/or complete day simulation.


Our Story

A little bit about our story and our vision for the future.


The beginning

The idea for developing good LED lighting came from the hobby, the breeding and keeping of Cichlids (Tanganyika). To reduce energy costs, we started looking for LED lighting. At that time there was very little available that met our requirements. After many samples and tests, we finally ended up at the factory that is still producing our LED lights today. In this whole process we have also been busy to work as biotope correct as possible. This has resulted in a number of segments, namely; Amazon, Community, African Cichlids and Reef.


New LED lighting

Over the years the product has been continuously adapted to the product it is today, namely the JMB V.2.0. This product has proven itself years ago and with the increase of lumen/watt this position will only strengthen. We also have a new line in mind at the moment, due to the strong wish from the retailers. This line will be launched in 2021 and will have a very strong efficiency, as you may expect from us.


Future vision

The future of JMB Aqua Light will see an expansion of at least 1 new line in 2021 and a second new line in 2021 or 22. We will announce which ones that are, as soon as we have tested them and the first shipment of stock is on its way to our central warehouse. We also want to use our communication tools even better to support the retailers and consumers. Think of the intensification of Social Media and mailings.