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Visserijweg 65
1446 AR, Purmerend
KvK: 53362519
VAT: NL191366754B02
IBAN: NL95RABO0311896219

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products available?

See page with resale addresses: Resellers.

Which controller do I need?

Depending on the number of LED lamps that you are going to use you can choose from:Controller S: 1 lampController L or XL: 2 lamps (2x 36watt for the L, 2x 45 or 54watt for the XL)Multicontroller: up to a maximum of 3 Power LED lamps which can be set independently of each other. This possibly in combination with SMD and/or RGB LED lamps.

Which lamp(s) do I need for my aquarium?

Depending on the biotope, you can choose the following LED lamps:

Amazon biotope: Amazon variant

Community aquarium: Community variants

Planted aquarium: Community variants

Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria Cichlids: African Cichlids variant

Marine biotope: Reef variants

Amazon:3.000k 4white/1red

Community:4.500k 4white/1red

8.000k 4wit/1blue

8.000k 4white/1red

8,000k full white

African Cichlids:

12,000k 5white/1blue

Reef:12.000k 2white/1blue

full blue

Also 34cm weed LED lamp available for in the sump (combination blue/red)