The best lighting for your Aquarium.

We offer high quality LED lighting for aquariums, terrariums and palludariums at affordable prices. With more than 25 points of sale in the Netherlands and many more outside the Netherlands, plus 30,000+ satisfied users at home and abroad, the choice for JMB Aqua Light is easily made.

We offer LED lighting for Aquariums, Terrariums, Palludariums, etc.

The extensive assortment was created by the desire and feedback from retailers and individuals.

The most popular line is our renewed JMB Power LED V.2.0. This line has been on the market for almost 10 years (started as V.1.0) and has over the years continuously adapted to the demands of the market. We are also currently working on a new type of lighting, about which more later (as soon as it is available). The demand for this upcoming new line has arisen from the many requests from retailers. All lighting in our range is dimmable for a beautiful sunrise, sunset or complete day simulation.

Check out our newest addition

Download the mobile App for the Multi controller for iOS and Android from your mobile phone. Easy to use and very user friendly!

Why should I switch to aquarium LED lighting?

Aquarium LED lighting has many advantages:
Effect of glare
More natural light
Easy assembly through our assembly possibilities
Less consumption due to a higher output at a lower wattage (higher efficiency)
LED offers more possibilities than fluorescent lighting

Do you have any questions?

For advice and/or guidelines on which lighting is suitable for your aquarium, please contact one of our dealers or us.